How I was able to increase my energy level and motivation

As a woman, I know how hard it can be to find the energy to accomplish your day to day work.  Many times we think that our low energy is caused by the excessive work we have as moms or even our jobs, but this is not the case!

A year ago I noticed a huge change on my energy level, but of course I always had an excuse for it!  I thought it was due to the excessive work I have at home and photo sessions!  Never did it cross my mind that it was a change in hormones!   

I tried everything to increase my energy level, from teas to supplements, but nothing worked!  Until I met Dr. Kristine Wallace, NMD!  I met her at an event, where she gave a power-point presentation on hormonal imbalance.  It was then, that I realized my low energy was due to a hormonal issue and not the excessive work I had as a mom!

I was so tired of being tired that I decided to make an appointed with Dr. Wallace to get tested!  She is amazing!!  She truly cares about giving you your life back and  I also love the fact that she uses natural treatments!!!

Hormonal imbalance can cause all sorts of health effects, if you are suffering from unexplainable  low energy levels, please get checked!  I was put on a treatment two weeks ago and OMG I am noticing a huge difference!!  Dr. Wallace offers FREE consultations.  You can also follow her on  facebook or check out her website

 Meet Dr. Wallace

Meet Dr. Wallace