Celebrate Life

Whether you are celebrating your kids high school graduation, an engagement, mothers day or simply pampering yourself; be sure to go all out.   Booking a portrait session with me is not JUST about getting your picture taken.  It's all about THE EXPERIENCE .  Here is why:





We are here to guide you through the entire photo shoot.  You don't have to be photogenic to look beautiful in pictures, in fact it is our job to style you, and guide you through the entire photo shoot to capture the most beautiful images you have ever seen of yourself!

Creating memories

Your memories are triggered by an experience.  From the moment you step into my studio, you will create a beautiful memory.  This memory will always remind you of this special phase in your life and how beautiful you are!  You will have time to admire your beauty, as we set the perfect atmosphere for your photo shoot! 

your reveal wall

After our photo shoot, we will get together again so that you see your final edited portraits.  At this time you will ONLY choose your favorite photographs to purchase.



luxury products

You, your senior, your family deserve to own beautiful luxury products. These are products that last for generations.  A variety of products are available based on your needs.