Hi!  I'm Sobe,  I started out as a fashion and HS senior photographer three years ago.  Last year I had the pleasure of meeting two engaged couples and became their wedding photographer!   I was SOLD!  I fell in love with wedding photography.  Why?  Weddings are exciting, emotional, happy and as the photographer you become part of it.  That is what I truly enjoy the most!  

I am also a lifestyle and fitness coach.   I started this journey a year ago.  My lifestyle wasn't the healthiest in my 20s.  Living an unhealthy life created medical problems and I was forced to start a healthier lifestyle.  After seeing a positive change in my life, I was motivated to become a lifestyle coach.  My purpose is not just to capture amazing images for my clients, it is also to help people start a healthy journey.  To read more about it visit My Blog-Lifestyle.

I cant wait to get to know you!  Feel free to look around and if you have questions please email me!



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