Women with Style - Gitana Styling

I am so excited to share this project with you.  I first want to thank Shazia (the owner of Shazia's Boutique) for allowing us to shoot at her beautiful boutique.   It is always a pleasure to work with successful women.  Women who are inspiring, love to motivate other women, love fashion, and are their own boss. This project is called "Women with Style".   

Meet Sandra, she is the founder of Gitana Styling. She has been in the fashion industry for 10 years, she is also a producer and writer!  Her main objective is to help women gain confidence and feel empowered by helping them look their best.  She uses her experience in fashion to select her clients wardrobe based on their personality and career.   

How many of you ladies cant keep up with today's fashion or you simply don't have the time to care about your style!?      As a mom and business owner, I know for a fact that we put ourselves last.  We get so caught up with life that everything else becomes a priority but ourselves.    This, in the long run, leads to a loss of confidence.  Every woman deserves to feel amazing inside and out! 

We had so much fun doing this photo shoot and whats most important I got to meet two successful women with dreams.    Always remember to turn your cants into cans and your dreams into plans...


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