Women with Style - Cynthia Sassi

I had the honor of photographing Cynthia Sassi, the founder and president of Fabulous Arizona, a well known online lifestyle publication.  It is always inspiring to meet successful women.  Women who work hard to accomplish their dreams and yet make the time to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Fabulous Arizona is the platform for many businesses.   It not only helps business owners get the exposure they need, but it also informs the community of upcoming events, new places in town, fashion shows, fitness etc.  It is a space where business owners and consumers stay connected. 

Cynthia's mission is not only to focus on the success of her business, but also to make a difference in people's lives, a quality that you hardly find in people today!  Her positive outlook in life, motivation,  and confidence have brought her to where shes at today.   Below are some questions I had to ask :)   (feel free to comment and share)

What is your motivation in life? 

I want what I do to inspire people and help others make their dreams come true.  The premise of my business as a whole is helping people achieve their dreams - whether that be to own their own hair salon, gym, restaurant, etc.  I want them to succeed in realizing that dream!

What is your favorite quote:

"Work hard and be nice to people."  I feel like so many people think the only way to be successful is to be cut throat, but I firmly believe in karma and that being a good person truly pays off and comes back to you.  It may not be the fastest route to success, but I believe it is the way to succeed. 

How would you like to inspire and motivate women?

I want women (and anyone) to know they have the confidence within to do whatever they want, they jut need to believe in themselves.  Be confident in what you do. You will make mistakes and those mistakes will make you stronger and better.

What keeps you motivated to live a healthy lifestyle?

Running is my sanity. My workouts allow me to unplug and reboot. I love to challenge myself-running marathons taught me so much about pushing myself outside my comfort zone and doing things I didn't think were possible. I have been able to take that mental strength and confidence and apply it to my business.


Pink blouse, clutch & dress by Shazia's Boutique:   Hair and makeup by: Jessica Mariscal