Women with Style - Julie Werner


Have you ever met someone for the first time and you instantly feel their positive energy? This happened with Julie. 

Julie and I were emailing back and forth on setting up a photo session date.  When we met for her photo shoot, I instantly felt her enthusiasm, and motivation.   Lets be honest; us women, at some point in our life, lose the motivation to work towards our goal (fitness or career) or we don't feel comfortable in our own skin. This is normal until we realize that we are valuable, strong and can accomplish anything we want!

I encourage you to visit Julie's website Lifestyle Jules.  You will be inspired by her story and enthusiasm.    Julie is a fitness instructor, fashion stylist and entrepreneur.  She uses her experience in fashion and fitness to help women feel confident and beautiful no matter what size or shape you are!  

I had an amazing time doing this photo shoot.  It is always fun to meet women who love to inspire women and love what they do!  

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