My First Change to a Healthy Lifestyle


Eating the right food and avoiding junk food can be extremely HARD, especially if you are a busy mom and work full time!   Where do you even begin? What I've learned is that your health begins in your gut!  If you have an unhealthy gut, your body will not absorb the nutrients it needs in order to avoid illnesses. You can learn more about gut problems here

I wasnt always the healthiest. My breakfast consisted of coffee and a doughnut.  I managed to irritate my stomach so bad that I had to stop eating fruits and vegetables. I had to change my diet and it had to be within days!

I begun by taking a daily probiotic. I started by taking a higher dose (200 billion) for 7 days then switched to the regular dose (5 billion).  Within a week I noticed a difference.   I would drink a green smoothie in the morning and eat every 3 to 4 hours.  In one month my gut was completely healed!  I no longer need to take synthetic medicine to numb the pain.  I feel healthier and you can too!! You can buy probiotics at any vitamin store or grocery store.  

Why live in pain when you can feel and live healthy?