Why I don't Drink Soda!


This week’s HEALTH topic is BONE DENSITY and Your Diet:

Why is it that once we reach the age of 30 we start having bone problems?  How does your diet contribute to this problem?

I don’t know about you guys but growing up I didn’t care about any of the ingredients in sodas, I would enjoy drinking them without regrets! Well today is a different story, as a parent, my job is to make sure that my kids are eating and drinking products that will not affect their health!  Remember what you eat today will affect you tomorrow!! 

One of the reasons we start having bone problems at the age of 30 is called “Phosphoric Acid”. This ingredient is in many of the carbonated soft drinks, it is a substance that has a link to the loss of density in your bones!  This ingredient is also used in fertilizers, soaps, dyes, polishing metals and other nonfood products!!  It is added to soft drinks to prevent the growth of molds and bacteria in sugary formulas WOW RIGHT!?

Next time you feel like drinking a soda or giving your child a soda, think about how it will affect your health in the future…