Health and Fitness for Busy Moms

As a mom of two boys, I understand how hard it can be to incorporate a workout routine into your daily life.  The love we have for our children always comes first, even before our own health.  So, really!  fitness is the last thing in our mind when you have little ones running all over the house screaming all day!

However, health and fitness are essential in our live.  It might not seem like it today, but you will thank yourself for starting before you reach the age of 40.   Unfortunately illnesses caused by unhealthy habits and hereditary illnesses will start showing up at the age of 40!

How can you start something that seems impossible to accomplish, like losing 80-100 lbs or breaking your unhealthy habits?   Well, let me tell you that every change that you make will always be hard, every goal that you set will always seem impossible to accomplish UNTIL you get it DONE! 

Here are some reasons on why you should start: 

  • You want to stay healthy for your family
  • To avoid premature illnesses
  • To teach your family a healthy lifestyle
  • To release stress
  • To be HAPPY

I want you to close your eyes and mentally picture yourself in 30 years, will you still be as healthy as you are today?  

Here are some tips for a SLOW transition into a healthy lifestyle:

  • Make your workout a PRIORITY
  • Get your workout in before your children wake up
  • SLOWLY start removing coffee from your diet ( I will write an article on coffee at a later date)
  • Eat less red meats and more meats full in omega 3s and high in protein
  • Drink a green shake or protein shake daily

You are not alone in this journey, I offer FREE support/motivation, 30 minute workouts, and nutritional advise. Message me for more info.