Rule No 2 To a Healthy & Happy Life

You probably think that skipping a meal is not as bad as it sounds. Despite everything you've heard about calorie intake and losing weight. Your body is designed to take the right amount of calories to stay healthy. When you skip a meal, your blood sugar levels drop, your body starts losing vitamins and minerals, your energy level drops and your stomach starts producing more acid. Acid creates inflammation and many health conditions develop from damage caused by chronic inflammation.

Before I became a nutrition fanatic, I used to think that the only way to lose weight was by not eating! I was WRONG! This diet method is dangerous to your body. You might lose a few pounds at first, but you are not burning fat you are burning muscle!

Pre-plan your meals. I know you get busy, but preplanning your lunch/snack time helps. The 21 Day Fix containers have helped me out tremendously. I was able to intake the right amount of calories based on my weight and height. They are simple to use! Dont forget to make your health a priority.