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I've always heard the amazing health benefits that green tea has.  The biggest one for me was energy.  As a busy mom, I cant afford to feel sluggish all the time, so I am always willing to try anything to keep my energy level up.

About a year ago I got a green tea sample from a known tea store and I fell in love with it, however I limited my orders because it was a bit pricey.

Last week I discovered that amazon had the same tea.  The cost was the same, but the amount was doubled. I don't know about you moms, but I no longer have the patience nor time to store shop.   Online shopping has been my to go place since I became a mom.  Anyway, I ordered this product from amazon and I just got my order in this morning.  Who doesn't love to save money right?  Here's the link if any of you are interested in giving it a try!

Green tea is high in antioxidants and it has been used as a medicine for years in Asian countries.  It speeds up your metabolism allowing you to burn more fat.  It Lowers stress, boosts your immunity, increases your energy level, it improves your brain function and many other benefits.