Sandra & Beau

I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful couple a few weeks ago.   Summer sessions in Arizona can be brutal and can scare some people; however it didn't scare this couple.   They were all about doing a photo shoot in the desert and I am so glad they did!   We survived and I am more than happy with their images.    Planning an engagement session or a couple session involves more than just pushing the shutter button.  Working close with the couple is a must!   The part I enjoy the most is getting to know my clients.  What their likes and dislikes are.   I also enjoy helping them choose their wardrobe and a location that best describes them.   

This session was super easy , Sandra is a Personal Stylist.  She already had in mind what to wear for this session.  It is always exciting when the client shows the photographer their wardrobe ideas.   She did amazing at selecting the outfits and really paid attention to the smaller details such as shoes, hair and accessories.  Their outfits scream sophistication! 

Enjoy the pictures and hope you visit my blog soon.  I will feature Sandra and her business on my blog next month, so excited to work with talented women such as herself!

Don't forget to feed your soul faith, motivation and you will accomplish anything you want!