Modern Bride

I had something different in mind for this session.  Every bride is different.  Some women love traditional and others like modern photography.   The beauty of photography is to express what you like, regardless of your style.  

It was so much fun doing this session.  The process of it was exciting.  I imagined the dress, the pose, the location, the model and even more exciting seeing the final images.  I must say, I didn't think I was going to like the images since I didn't get to use my to go lens and the sun was almost down when we got to the location.  That means we only had 10 minutes to shoot.  10 minutes! Can you feel the pressure!   However, we did amazing!   We were able to captured beautiful images within minutes and I am more than happy with the result!

Model:  Nikki Strychalski Hair&Makeup: Laura Jimenez

Don't forget to feed your soul faith, motivation and you will accomplish anything you want!